Contaminated fuel is not only an environmental hazard,
it can result in costly damage to combustion systems.

With a dedicated fuel polishing unit available we can help
by pumping out contaminated fuel to remove all of the sludge
and microbes, and then re-circulate it back into the tank or transfer
it to another destination.

This system is designed to take high volumes of fuel and pump it through a selection of filters and water removal vessels.

Whether you have above or below ground storage tanks, road tankers or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), fuel polishing ensures your critical assets are protected and operating at peak efficiency.

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Our Expertise in Fuel Polishing


Our fuel polishing machine filters out any water or impurities to clean up the fuel to be used again.


When your fuel has been contaminated, our fuel polishing service not only saves you costs in lost fuel, but in waste removal too.


You never know when you need our help – We’re just on the other end of the phone for emergencies and can be flexible with our appointment times.


Your entire tank contents don’t have to go to waste.


Our decades of experience operating in the UK and  Ireland have secured our reputation among clients as a reliable and efficient service.


We dispose of all waste products in a manner that’s least harmful to the environment via EPA licenced facilities.

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Why Choose Our Fuel Polishing Service?

Ancorra’s expertise and state-of-the-art filtering technology saves your fuel and cuts down on waste costs while removing all contaminants to restore the integrity of your fuel product.

We’re committed to reducing waste, and this means salvaging as much fuel as possible while disposing of any water or debris in an ethical manner. This is why we only work with EPA-licensed facilities that can show traceability of your product for your peace of mind.

If your fuel tests often show a high level of water, it could be that your tank needs a repair. In this case, we can carry out tank testing and refurbishment to preserve fuel and save you more fuel polishing expenses in the future.

Fuel Polishing Service


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