Find out exactly what services your site requires before you commit to any work.

Understand your sites risks, what could be affected and the likely impact on your business

Our fully trained confined space survey team carries out detailed internal measurements of assets including manholes, tanks, pipelines and chambers, taking photos, if required. We carefully record information on the size and the structural condition of the cover lid, the shaft, the chamber etc. allowing us to highlight any necessary restoration requirements. We can identify and locate cross connections, overflows and corrosion which can help fix or prevent further blockages.

A report is created which will highlight any areas for improvement. We can then discuss the most cost-effective way to carry these out.

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Ancorra Environmental Services Ireland

Our Expertise in Site Surveys and Inspections


We have the knowledge and expertise to accurately assess your site’s needs and supply cost-effective solutions for maintenance work.


We offer affordable pricing for all areas of forecourt maintenance and waste disposal, always keeping environmental solutions at the forefront of our minds.


We’re always looking for ways to cut costs to you and minimise the effect on the environment. We dispose of waste materials in a responsible manner every time.


The measures that we recommend as a result of our inspection take the utmost safety into consideration, ensuring you’re compliant with all regulations.


By the time you find out you’ve got issues that need rectifying, it’s often too late. Surveys allow you to be proactive without any other financial commitment.


Following our inspection, we offer a report with all our recommendations as well as a clearance certificate to show to official inspectors.

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Why Choose Us for your Site Survey
and Inspection?

Mock inspections and surveys mean you can be prepared for the official inspections – nothing will take you by surprise. This gives you time to carry out any essential maintenance to ensure you’re fully compliant with current legislation and local regulations.

Ancorra Ireland’s years of experience mean we can don our inspection helmets and know exactly what your official inspectors are looking for. Not only that, but we’re best-placed to provide recommendations that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

We offer many standard maintenance services ourselves so, whatever we recommend, we can schedule in the operatives to begin work once you accept our quote. However, you’re not under any obligation to work with us.

Ancorra Environmental Services Ireland


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